At Salon Ka Pri, our innovative and creative professional team of Hairstylists have numerous years of experience. We specialize in treating you as an individual; creating the perfect style for You. Whether you prefer a modern, edgy look or something a little more subtle and classical, our creative stylists will consult and work with you.

For your complete peace of mind, we guarantee everything we do, from salon services to our preferred hair care products.


Our Mission

It is our mission at Salon Ka Pri to provide our clients with exceptional customer service in a professional and unique setting thereby building a long lasting relationship of trust and commitment.

We also strive to provide an ongoing education and offer our support to our clients about services, products and hair care to keep them abreast at what is happening in the beauty industry.

Our responsibility and desire for our clients is to maintain a good reputation by providing quality services in our salon by using some of the finest products that will beautify the hair and transform lives by promoting healthy living, positive thinking, faith, peace and love.



In a very complex world, it’s very simple; A hairstylist’s role is to make clients look good, feel good about themselves and enjoy the experience. The environment, in which you do this, must look lovely and the atmosphere must feel friendly, homely and relaxing.


Meet Karen Prince

Karen Prince is the Owner and Lead Stylist at Salon Ka Pri.  She is now an expert being in the industry for almost 15 years.  She was initially drawn to this industry because she was tired of not getting what she wanted for her hair care.  “Hairstylists always give you what they think you want and not what you the client asks for.”

She always played around with her relatives and friends hair not even realizing the natural gift that was within her.  After numerous encouragements, she started to reflect more and more on what would it be like for her in the Hair Industry.

One day while sitting at her 9-to-5 desk job, she felt a sudden unction to quit.  Being the risk taker that she is, she immediately wrote a resignation letter and simply quit.  For her, this was the beginning of moving into purpose.

Karen Prince is now a veteran in the beauty Industry.  She is a compassionate professional.  Her daily mission is to enhance beauty from the inside outwards, given each client the balance they need and the formula to continue a daily regimen that will provide longevity to each of their new found transformation.  Karen approaches each job with understanding first, which helps to build the framework for an enduring relationship.

Karen brings a fun and spunky experience to all her clients. She is dedicated to always listening to her clients’ needs.  She specializes in precision cutting and with her artistic vision and impeccable attention to detail enjoys working with clients to create styles individualized to their needs.  A master of her craft, she keeps up with the latest techniques and hair trends as they appear on the fashion scene. She is constantly working on her own innovative techniques always pushing the boundaries of hair.

She regularly styles hair for fashion shows and photo shoots and enjoys doing styles for weddings and other special occasions. Whether you want a contemporary classic cut or a funky avant-garde style, you are sure to be pleased with the experience you have with Karen as well as the result.

In an interview with Karen Prince she says, “I always strive to create an environment in which my clients are at ease to express themselves and their ideas.My number one goal is for my clients to feel confident and satisfied with their hairstyle.  I also believe you can never stop learning in this industry so I stay current with trends and take continuing education classes so I am able to cater to my wide range of clientele.

Karen has experience with styling models for their head shots, and coming up with that versatile yet easy style for the mother-on-the-go.  “I absolutely love every aspect of my job and hope to see you at Salon Ka Pri very soon!

In the rare moments when she is not working, Karen is pro-actively involved with a continuous research on proper nutrition to maintain an holistic, healthy lifestyle.  She also devotes significant time and resources to many different charities.

Karen’s work has been featured on the Rogers Network.  She has participated in Hair shows across the country and in the United States of America.